We are an exclusive consulting group focused on developing new energy projects and advising on existing projects.

The key to our success lies in keeping an active role in our projects in order to guarantee profitability for our clients and partners and satisfaction for all stakeholders.


Founded by experts from various segments of the energy sector, committed to change the energy industry, creating positive environmental and social impacts.

Our team offers experience in sustainable and transition energy, engineering, energy project development, technology, commodities trading, power generation, renewable energy, equipment management, construction, project management, project finance, oilfield services, sustainable oil & gas production, security and environmental policies. 

We believe that knowledge and experience, with a hands on approach, ensure success in the development of energy projects.


  • Based in Geneva, Switzerland, we are capable of operating energy projects worldwide.

  • The portfolio of projects offered by Blacktree Energy Group is diversified geographically and among various segments of the energy sector.

  • Our portfolio includes Transition Energy and ESG compliant projects.

  • Black Tree Energy Group project development and consulting services aim to reduce risk in project execution, growth and development.


Our current projects are located in North America, Europe, Israel and Latin America.
We are based in Geneva, Switzerland, with business associates in the United States, Europe, Luxembourg, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Panama and Israel.


• Private equity and venture capital consulting services.
• Customized financing and credit solutions.
• Project Finance consulting.  
• Corporate Finance / M&A advisory.
• Commodities Trading solutions.
• Project Management.
• Energy Project consulting.
• Strategic Planning.
• “Green Finance” and ESG consulting services.
• Asset Tokenization (Security Token Offering)

For our partners

• Smart financing and credit solutions. Intelligent business strategies.
• Development and Co-Development opportunities.
• Private Equity and Venture Capital. Special Financing Structures.
• Director Services and Project Consulting services.  
• Project Management and EPC services.